Airbnb Holiday

Role: Design
Client: Airbnb
Year: 2017

Parents know the importance of their precious few family vacations, and recognize that these will be formative experiences for their children. Thus, parents feel serious pressure to make family vacations memorable, magical, perfect. That’s why they choose trips that are more proven and familiar, tried and true – but they often wind up feeling sanitized and sterile.

The goal was to grow consideration among families for Airbnb. We achieved this by showcasing how a family trip with Airbnb can be transformative. More than any other time in your life, what you see and do as a child has an effect on your passions and what you become. We showed how traveling with Airbnb can help good kids grow up to be good people.

The App

We identified 5 ‘personas’ that represent the different ways families travel: the curators, the epicureans, the unwinders, the chameleons and the adventurers. We created a quiz that would help families identify which persona they fit into and provided unique shareable content for them.

Hand-drawn Lockups

I drew all the family persona lockups, before vectorising them in Illustrator. I sketched multiple versions to capture the personnality for each type of family. These mockups were also translated for the German, Dutch and French markets.

Quiz Images

By swiping left or right on images, each family chose what image they liked or disliked. The result was defined by the higher number of images they liked for a given family type. I curated a suite of imagery that represented each persona, and edited these for a consistent visual style.

The Adventurers

The Epicureans

The Curators


The following designs show the screens of the app in flow order. Clear instructions were displayed on screens when the users had to do a certain interaction. These intructions were shown only the first time the users were using the app, and also disappeared after a few seconds.

Once the quiz was finished, the users got a video to share on social media. The video was composed of the lockup associated to the type of family they were, as well as imagery. To create a unique and personalised experience, the users could upload or take their own photos.


  • Agency TBWA\London
  • Creative Directors Josh Tenser & Eric Chia
  • Producer Charlene Lambert
  • Development Unit9

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