Ladies who lube

Role: Design
Client: Durex
Year: 2019

Durex approached us for the creation of a landing page on their natural lubes range. Women currently think that anyone who uses lube is either after kinky sex or use lube as a medical device (for older women who are experiencing dryness following/during the menopause). We wanted to break down the barrier and show women that having a little extra help is completely normal.


Highlighting the real side of sex, that real people have. The look & feel is attainable and real. The tone of voice is fresh, bold and energetic - and feminine. Showing real women with confidence help empower the audience.

Key Visual

My starting point was the WIP Out Of Home artwork, part of the wider 'Ladies Who Lube' campaign. This artwork is divided in colour blocks to get the idea of confidence across.


I explored a few routes, some focussing on the 'boldness' by using bright colour blocks and big type, others highlighting the natural aspect of the product. The use of liquid effects for the transitions and hover states demonstrates the product component.

Final Designs

The landing page uses the blocks from the key visual as a structure. The Durex blue is present across the site and a pale pink colour complements it to add touches of feminity.

The blocks on the left contain the menu (the links anchor to different sections further in the page), as well as the link to the product page. These blocks follow the users on scroll.


  • Agency Havas London
  • Creatives Anna Jobbins & Kate Lloyd
  • Head of Design Lorenzo Fruzza
  • Digital Director Simon Baker

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