Nike (Cycle) Sync

Role: Designer
Client: Nike
Year: 2021

(Cycle) Sync by Nike is a workout collection aimed at explaining to women how to adapt their training depending on the three phases of their menstrual cycle, through workouts, nutrition advices and expert tips.

Our ask was to develop a visual identity based on previous Nike Women VCs. The campaign was activated on the Nike Women social platform, which linked to articles and workouts on the Nike Training app.

The Wheel

The wheel is the main component of the (Cycle) Sync VC, and represents a woman’s menstrual cycle of 28 days. Each dot indicates one day in this cycle. The slightly bigger dots delimitate the start of the different phases.

Layout Exploration

Colour Palette Exploration

Final Brand Assets

Applications: Social

Frame 1: Intro

Frame 2: The Wheel

Frame 3: CTA

Applications: In-app


  • Agency R/GA London
  • Creative Director Bruno DiLucca
  • Designer Priya Stewart
  • Motion Designer Charlie Green

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