Gurls Talk Rebrand

Role: Lead Designer
Client: Nike
Year: 2020

Gurls Talk was founded by activist and supermodel Adwoa Aboah. After her own experiences of mental health struggles, Adwoa wanted to create a safe, judgement-free space for future generations of young women to come together and talk about the issues and fears they face growing up. A place where they could talk, share and listen.

Nike partnershiped with Gurls Talk to create the Gurls Talk Podcast. They approached us to refresh their visual identity, which is used on their social channels and during events.

No Subject is Taboo

Gurls Talk topics are about mental health/ relationships/ sexuality/ depression/ education/ sport/ self-care/ gender/ disability/ diversity/ grief/ addiction/ representation and so much more. They reflect the varying issues gurls are facing and provide a safe-space for them to speak openly without fear of judgement. It’s all about realness, authenticity and honesty.

Look & Feel / Layout

This moodboard shows young and bold designs, with bright colours and a use of black strokes to create a delimitation between the components.

Look & Feel / Type

This moodboard shows boldness and confidence by the thickness of the type. The variations in the type (thickness, angle, etc) could represent different voices, and symbolise a conversation. The repetition brings playfulness and could express voices that spread within the community.


We retained the existing digital type lockup, as it represents Gurls Talk and the online community well, and our audience are already familiar with it. We simplified it by removing the texture and the drop shadow.

The lockup is modular, applicable for different formats. An abbreviated version could be used in certain applications, and in others we’d use the full lockup.

Colour Palette

The colour palette is vibrant with gender neutral colours. The colour black is always present, as a link between the different elements in the designs.


Gurls Talk requested the use of polaroids to frame the imagery. This gives a sense of realness and authenticity to the brand, far from a studio photo aestethic.

Social Posts

The main purpose of this rebrand was the refresh of the animated social posts announcing the releases of podcasts. To make each of them unique, I created a system in which, depending on the colours used and the animated type chosen, we would have (almost) endless combinations.


Below are examples of social posts that use the refreshed design system and its varied possibilities. These different social posts bring diversity to the GT Instagram account.

A modulable branding

The new branding is modulable and can be applied to different purposes, as per the designs below show. These assets were created for a live event Gurls Talk hosted.


  • Agency R/GA London
  • Creative Director Bruno DiLucca
  • Motion Designer Charlie Green
  • Copywriter Natalie Ranger
  • Producer Juliette Arnaud

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