Camille Magnan

Senior Visual Designer

The Art
of Ping Pong

Role: UX / UI Design
Client: Fivefootsix
Year: 2015

The Art of Ping Pong is a collaboration between Fivefootsix and artists from around the globe, who were asked to re-interpret the iconic Ping Pong bat for an online auction to raise money and awareness for BBC’s Children in Need. The 2015 designed bats were exhibited at KK Outlet, London.

I designed the auction app, which allowed the users to bid on bats and display exclusive information about the artists. Additionally, the app was enhanced by beacon technology: once in the gallery, the app pushed information to users' phones about each artist, based on which artwork the user stood in front of.


As was in charge of the UX design on this project, as studied numerous bidding system and payment process on app to come up with the most suitable solution.


I choose one unique primary colour and one unique secondary colour for each bat. Although the bat pages all have the same layout, these colour palettes give each of those pages their own design and atmosphere.

Fonts & Icons

The sans-serif fonts do not overpower the design and have been chosen primarily for legibility. The iconography conveys simplicity and minimalism, to keep the focus on the bats.

Key Screens

The following designs show some key screens of the app. The Art of Ping Pong app allows users to easily bid on the bat they want to win. By clicking the heart icon they can save their favourite bats on their profile page, and receive notifications when it is time to bid, or when the offer made by the users have been outbid.

The app also featured proximity notifications, delivered to the user’s phone via Bluetooth-powered Beacons at The Art of Ping Pong exhibition space. It shows a welcome message once upon entering the gallery, pushes app-exclusive artist information, and knows which artwork the user is standing in front of.

The Event

The event was held at KK Outlet, a gallery on Hoxton Square.


  • Agency Roll Studio
  • Producer Melodie Ash
  • Website Design Oriana Gaeta

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