Toblerone Digital Rebrand

Role: Lead Designer
Client: Toblerone
Year: 2021-2022

As part of the Toblerone global rebrand, we were asked to translate the new visual language digitally. I lead the design team on all projects and touchpoints, from the website design to the content on their social channels. We also worked on various campaigns and special posts: valentine's day, festive, mother's day etc.

The Branding

We based the digital rebrand on the art direction developed by Bulletproof, a London branding agency. The tone is bold and confident, using a vibrant colour palette. The design celebrates the unmistakably shaped chocolate and iconic packaging with fresh perspectives and dynamic angles: tilts, slants, angular structures and up-close viewpoints. The elegance and premiumness is conveyed by gold texture and serif fonts.

Social Channels

Design System

Festive Campaign

Why gift something impersonal this holiday when you can induce a choco-full grin with a personalised Toblerone? We created a social campaign promoting the personalisation tool on the DTC site. We took inspiration from the pack design for the colour plette and the icongraphy, introducing a midnight blue to add vibrancy to the darkest colour.

valentine's Day Campaign

Valentine's Day is flushed with generic gifts that do little to show how much people care. How to create a more personal gifting experience? We launched a personalised poem generator that creates them based on your loved ones quirks - making Toblerone Valentine’s pack a truly extra special gift. The poem's receivers got a Toblerone bar personalised with their names, including a QR code which opened a unique poem page on the Toblerone website.

Direct To Consumer Site

Design System

Selected Screens


  • Agency MediaMonks
  • Branding Agency Bulletproof
  • Creative Director Nimo Awil
  • Design Lead Camille Magnan
  • Creatives Adam Kammin, Geo Freitas
  • Designers Hannah Thompson, Patrick Glavee, Camila Mazer, Benas Mazeika, Dianet Adan, Robbert Mastebroek
  • Motion Designers Frederix Batista, Esteban Peralta, Mariano Mulero, Maya Perotti, Matias Pizzoni, Niek Pronk
  • Photo Retoucher Lupe Casime, Lucho Borlenghi

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