Google Play Academy

Role: Art Direction & Illustration
Client: Google Play
Year: 2017-2018

My task was to create a set of illustrations and assets for the Google Play - Academy for Apps website, which is a collection of lessons for developers wanting to learn how to use Google Play for apps. The illustrations help express abstract concepts and complex instructions to engage the user.

In-line with the Google Play brand guidelines, the illustrations keep a fine balance between organic and geometric shapes, and are simple and clean with light backgrounds.

The Grid

All the illustrations are built from the same isometric grid, keeping the perspective consistent.


The illustrations are built from white using bright colours from the Google Play palette to highlight the key points of focus within each scene.


Characters have simplified expressions with a round face, and are aligned to the grid for consistency. They are diverse ensuring different cultures, age groups and ethnicities are represented.

Hero images

Each main course displays a hero image which summarise the content of the lessons.


I created the assets that helped to express and make clear the instructions contained in each lesson. More than 400 assets were created during the first phase of the project.


  • Agency Phantom
  • Creative Director Jamie Nicoll
  • Producer Madonna Arsan

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