Google Market Finder

Role: Illustration
Client: Google
Year: 2017-2018

Market Finder is a free service offering insights and recommendations on the best markets for businesses looking to grow internationally. The challenge was to condense vast amounts of information into a slick, seamless experience. What was a small brief became one of Google’s largest projects to date.

My role was to create illustrations accross the whole site. I made a set of all the countries or world regions that businesses can export to, icons, thumbnails, 404 page etc. The main illustrations were also animated.

Art direction

The challenge was to create illustrations that didn't overtake the content but instead support the copy by making abstract concepts understandable. I kept the shapes simple and geometric and used colours and shades from the Google palette..

Countries & Regions

I researched the main and the most recognisable landmarks for each country and region. To keep consistency accross regions, I illustrated two to three main monuments in the foreground, two to three main monuments in the backgrounds, and added some clouds, trees or mountains as a supporting layer.

Homepage Illustrations

The illustrations on the homepage support the copy that explains the main steps to follow when using the tool. Below are the design steps from the sketch to the final animation.


The icons needed to be clear while also being consistent with the illustration style. Having them in colour breaks up the content of the website which is copy heavy.


  • Agency Phantom
  • Creative Director Jamie Nicoll
  • Producer Daniel Karaitiana
  • UI / UX Designer Dmitrij Paskevic


  • Webby Awards Best Visual Design - Function
  • Lovies Web services & applications
  • Lovies People choice awards
  • W3 Awards Visual appeal utility
  • W3 Awards User experience
  • W3 Awards Web applications, services
  • W3 Awards Services & utilities

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