Camille Magnan

Senior Visual Designer

Phour Party

Role: Art Direction & Illustration
Client: Phantom
Year: 2017

Phantom organised a huge party for their 4th birthday held in a warehouse in Shoreditch. I created all the merchandise that was given to the guests on the night, including t-shirts, limited edition coffee, stickers, patches, etc. I also painted 400 unique covers for a book celebrating the anniversary of Phantom.

Stickers & Keyrings

Merch was given to guests at the party. To stay in line with some of Phantom's previous sticker designs, I took inspiration from vintage tattoos with bold and black outlines.


Creating t-shirts was the main task of the merch design. I explored a few options playing around with references from Phantom projects, to finally deciding on a psychedelic version of the dude, the Phantom mascot.

Coffee Packaging

Phantom collaborated with OZONE coffee roaster to create a unique coffee bean packaging. I illustrated the packaging, inspired by Beavertwon Brewery, using vivid colours and surreal elements.

Toy Box

A vinyl toy version of the Phantom dude was given to select party guests. I continued the themes from the t-shirt and coffee packaging in the design of the box.

Wall Signs

To help guests find their way through the warehouse, I made various signs that indicated the location of the bar, cloackroom, merch stand, toilets etc. The challenge was to find the balance between fun lettering and legibility.

Book Covers

Each guest got given a unique book celebrating Phantom. I painted 400 different book covers with the help of another illustrator. We created 7 paintings on cardboards, all with the number 4 combined with abstract patterns. The cardboards were then cut into book covers.

The Party


  • Agency Phantom
  • Creative Director Jamie Nicoll
  • Producer Madonna Arsan

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