Port of Miami Game

Role: Design & Illustration
Client: Sony Music
Year: 2018

Sony Music approached us for the creation of a Facebook game promoting the launch of the Port Of Miami album by Rick Ross. They gave us complete freedom regarding the art direction.

We created a car game, a race against time. Rick Ross car has to reach the finish lines before the time expires. The decors were based on Miami landscapes, from the buildings architecture to the beaches. The design has hints of 80's computer visuals with the neon types, gradient and grainy texture. My main challenge was to make the game looks 3D despite the 2D built.


The game included cars illustrations drawn at different angles to help giving the impression of 3D. While Rick Ross car is bright pink, the other cars are smaller with muted tones.

3 decors, 4 times

The game includes 3 different decors: the city, the beach, and the port. To give to the user the impression that they are driving through the day, 4 different designs were made using different gradient palettes: for the morning, afternoon, evening and night.

See the different times of the day for the city decor below.


The player collects bonuses along the way: the atomic chicken wing gives an instant fire boost, the lemon pepper wing generates a protective auro around the car to prevent from crashing, the gold watch gives more points and the gold chain adds additional time.

Cut Out Scenes

Ever time the player passed a finish line, an animated cut out scene appeared on screen. All the scenes referred to Rick Ross lyrics from the new and previous albums.

While allowing the game to charge to the next decor, they served to indicate to the player about their remaining time and their points collected so far.

Game Screens

Below are a selection of the game screens, including the landing screen, 'how to play', game over, and leaderboard.


  • Agency Phantom
  • Creative Director Jamie Nicoll
  • Lead Designer Mark Rix

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