Camille Magnan

Help Little Mix
Win a Brit

Little Mix were nominated for a BRIT award (‘British Artist Video of the year’) for their music video Touch. As part of the social activity we created a game inspired by the video to help drive fans to vote.

Role: UI Design & Illustration
Client: Sony Music UK
Year: 2018

The game

The game was engaging, fun and quick to play. It showcased the band members’ personalities and also the aesthetic of the Touch video. Fans collect Little Mix tokens to gain points while avoiding obstacles. At the end of the game they could share their score on Facebook / Twitter or vote with a tweet to help Little Mix win a Brit.


The design of the characters was based on fan art to make it relatable for the audience. I studied numerous pictures of the girls to create characters as recognisable as possible.


Each band member had a set of 5 different illustrations to express reactions throughout the game-play.


Just like in the real world we gave each of the characters their own style and flare. Each band member had a custom emoji that fans collected in the game to gain points.


Players must also take care to avoid the obstacles otherwise the game ends. These were based on things that each band member hates.



Fans had to rotate their phone to play the game.

Key Screens


Fans went crazy about the game. There have been on average 9 plays per user, for 78K users. Videos that explain and comment on the game populated YouTube. The ultimate flattery was to see some fan art based on the girls illustration...


Creative: Josh Denton
Producer: Lily Greenwood



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