The brief

My role was to help with the development of the new Olmeca campaign. The starting point was exploring how we could utilise Olmec rituals and spiritualism in a modern context to show how their timeless spirit is part of the brand essence.

The Olmec mythology is something we used to create a powerful and iconic brand story. In fact, certain animals were revered by the Olmecs, for whom the jaguar especially was an important part of shamanism. Tequila is a drink that is associated with a transformative point of the night. When enjoyed with friends, it helps to bring about a creative, spontaneous and energetic moment. Olmeca Tequila will mirror the energy and feeling of a tequila moment with the spirit of the Olmecs, their spirituality and their Spirit Animals.

We used fashion photography as way to visually communicate the brand. We wanted to own a cool “Night Style” look and feel.

My contribution to the campaign was also to draw 5 different animals that are part of the Olmec mythology and that people can identify themselves to.

Ideas Sketches

camille magnan design camille magnan design camille magnan design

Campaign Key Visuals

camille magnan design camille magnan design

Spirit Animals

I made visual research about how and what animals were represented in the Olmec culture. I found that a lot of the representations were square shaped statues. That is why I used a square canvas for each animal, making them look like stone heads.

camille magnan design


Born from the blending of two greathunters of the forest, the Were-Jaguar is the spirit of transformation. Revered by the Olmecs as a bringer of rain this spirit transforms the world around it. Nights change when the Were-Jaguar comes out to play.

camille magnan design


Though few know it, the Dragon holds dominion under the earth. Hidden beneath the surface there is power-unparalleled. Quiet until awakened, this spirit has the strength to move worlds. Nothing is certain until the dragon has its say.

camille magnan design


The feathered Serpent was born of earth but chose the sky, forever bridging two worlds. They are between, a spirit of duality, touched by both worlds and belonging to neither. Watch as they bring people together.

camille magnan design


Ruler of the sun and skies, the eagle spirit burns bright. Fierce and proud, it is the unchallenged master of its realm. Born to lead us into new territories, it goes where few can follow and none can block its path.

camille magnan design


Avatars of the underworld, the shark makes its home in the mysterious deeps. Drawn to where life glows brightest they are spirits in perpetual motion, ever in search of the fresh and raw. Follow the shark and you’ll find nights made immortal..

camille magnan design


Client // Olmeca
Agency // TBWA

Designer // Camille Magnan
Creative direction // Eric Chia & Josh Tenser

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camille magnan design
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